About Us

Aegua is a firm that has been formed by leading professionals from the Building & Construction Industry with over cumulative experience of more than 30 years. We have rich and diverse experience in the field of construction industry and have become a well known name in supplying internationally recognized products confirming to the highest standards of quality and performance.

We have a comprehensive products range readily available to satisfy the construction needs related to latest technologically advanced products and systems in Plumbing & drainage/Landscape Architectural Products that are used in installation of building residential complexes, commercial buildings, schools, farmhouses, hotels and diverse Industries ranging from Pharma to Automobile.We are committed to quality and fully understand the needs of the end users.

Our constant Endeavor is to deliver to our customer the best value-added products procured from various parts of the world. The proof of this being that all the products are specified by all the major consultants throughout the world. Operating from our Head Quarters in Mumbai, with a network in Delhi, Bangalore and various Associates across India.

Commitment & Core Values

  • Our Company
  • Our Team

    Integrity towards our work, our customers and our employees is the foundation on which our organization is built. We believe that our teams have the integrity, inspiration and commitment to achieve our vision of building a perpetual organization.


    Excellence and continuous improvement in our operations are what will help in scaling greater heights of growth and success. These will lead to an enhanced learning experience for our employees and enhanced value – addition to our customers.


    Our leaders and partners at various levels around the empowered and inspire teamwork necessary for any venture to succeed. Together we can generate superior stakeholder value and generate long-term revenue, profit and growth. We believe in the application of the principles of Supply chain management in their true spirit by moving away from the old silo way functioning to promoting cross-functional collaboration and communication.